Around the world there is one Zionism gang. Operate in an orderly fashion in the social rings represent the control key of the communities. These rings are: political ring (political parties, i.e., political decision), Media ring and financial ring. This is apart from gathering in the cities municipalities and the judiciary. This gang and its masked members, create contradictions, economic crises and wars. When you remain static silent, they will take your place, speak and decide in your name.  WORLDFRONT is the alternative fair system. Be with us towards a better human future.
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Saad Alani
Painter sculptor Critic
Music:Maurice Ravel - Daphnis et Chloé - Boléro (1839kb)
Art is not luxury, it is the human language elevated into all languages.It is a silent language that every human can hear and understand. Different colors, shapes and languages. These are tools in which we struggle with to unite humanity through time and place.
Saad Alani
Painter Sculptor Critic
"Song of killed bird"
(oil on canvas)
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